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Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association Specialist School Advisory Service

School Inclusion Case Studies

Our case studies demonstrate examples of effective inclusion in mainstream settings with support from Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association’s specialist School Advisory Service. Teachers do not automatically receive training in best practice and inclusive strategies for students with Down syndrome, and are often unaware of the specific learning profile associated with the condition, making the prospect of teaching students daunting.

Using real life experiences and featuring feedback from school staff and parents, these case studies demonstrate how when schools have a socially inclusive ethos, and staff have access to specialist training and support, and are equipped with appropriate strategies and training, students with Down syndrome can be successfully educated alongside their peers, which has proven best outcomes not only for the students with Down syndrome, but the entire school community.

Case study 1


Horndean Technology College

Case Study MAX

Case study 2


Secondary Transition

Case Study ROSE

Case study 3


Fareham Academy

Case Study JACK

Case study 4


Emsworth Primary

Warbington Secondary

Case Study EMILY

Key Strategies for Successful Inclusion

Successful Inclusion – Key Strategies



RT @NDSPolicyGroup: Born together, grow together, but protected differently before birth.
Join us in advocating for #EqualityAt24.
Write to…

Sir @LiamFox MP is doing great work to stop discrimination against those with #Downsyndrome, I encourage all disability charities to get behind this ...endeavour for legal equality before birth #TimeToMoveOn

We stand for change in a world where twins can share everything but equality. After 24 weeks, both twins should have equal protection. But if one ...twin has Down syndrome, they're not given the same rights. This is discrimination.
It's time for the law to recognise #EqualityAt24.

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