HMS Queen Elizabeth Charity!

Fantastic News!  We have the great honour of being the first civilian Warrant Officers & Senior Rates Mess Charity on board HMS Queen Elizabeth!  The WO & SR’s Mess are supporting our DS Week Awareness Campaign and have already been busy raising funds for us from the proceeds of a meat raffle and dinner.   A big thank you to everyone in the WO & SR’s Mess for your support.  We very much look forward to being your charity Partners!



Just supplied 30 children with Down syndrome in Zhytomyr with toys and essential supplies! Thanks to @PortsmouthDSA for sponsoring this much needed ... and appreciated support! 🇬🇧🇺🇦💜💚

#StandWithUkraine #ukraine

Supplied Poltava Down Syndrome group with loads of essential supplies as well as toys - sponsored by @PortsmouthDSA!

Proud to forge links between ... Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association and many Ukrainian Down Syndrome Charities and groups - you will not be forgotten! 💚💜

The National Down Syndrome Policy Group supports ppl with #DownSyndrome to have a say in the formation of policy that impacts THEIR lives. It empowers... THEM to voice THEIR wishes on how THEY lead THEIR lives. @garrettflo concentrating hard on their monthly meeting. It's important

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