Thousands celebrate WDSD with us!

We were overwhelmed by the fantastic support we had from the community during Down Syndrome Awareness Week, with over 50 organisations, schools and individuals holding an awareness event, assembly or fundraiser for us! The positive message was sent loud and clear across the city and beyond, and thousands of you supported us! What a fantastic community we have!



How wonderful to learn how @PortsmouthDSA helps the extended family and the wider community.
#NDA21 ... https://twitter.com/PortsmouthDSA/status/1487335727016857600

@PortsmouthDSA This is so nice to see from a grandparent perspective. Its lovely that everyone is included! #WeArePortsmouthDSA #PortsmouthDSA #NDA21

Our #WeArePortsmouthDSA family includes lovely grandparents like Remo & Eileen who tell us ‘Portsmouth DSA has helped our granddaughter with her... physical & educational needs. They give so much support' At PDSA we welcome not just the child, but the whole family. #NDA21

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